How to Play Snow Bros
Keys: Shift, Ctrl, Alt, Space bar
File Type: Installable, exe

Download Snow Bros
Download Snow Bros (Size: 925 kb)

Download Snow Bros – Sega Genesis Emulator Version
Snow Bros is also available in Sega Genesis Emulator Version with more then 60 levels. In first 50 levels snow men release princesses, in other next levels princesses release snow men from clutches of evil witch.

Snow Bros Keys and Controls
Start Button = Enter
Button 1 = A
Button 2 = S
Button 3 = D
Button 4 = Z
Button 5 = X
Button 6 = C
alt+enter for full screen

How to Play Snow Bros
– Click play 1.exe
– Click File > open rom
– Browse GAMES folder
– select game
– press enter
– set sound enable
– set keys from options

File Type: Emulator, zip
Size: 0.98 MB

Download Snow Bros Emulator Version

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